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> Wouldn't this make the reader "tired", reading the {net jalchugh} after
> each and every sentence ?

​Probably. But if the story were short enough, or perhaps turned into a
poem of some kind, the repeated *net jalchugh*​ could function as a sort of
repeated motif. For instance, each part could be structured with some
increasingly hopeful and elaborate wish, with the final line of each stanza
as *net jalchugh jIQuch*. This would continually remind the reader that the
things the narrator is hoping for are untrue, and hint at the narrator's
unhappiness. By structuring the story or poem around the repeated *net
jalchugh*, the phrase becomes a common thread through the story, holding it
together and emphasizing the theme.
​Alternately, if your story is long enough, you could just drop the
explicit counterfactual entirely. Even if the first sentence of your story
is ​*wochqu'wI' jIH 'ej 'engmey Dung jem'IH vIDab, vaj jIQuch.*, they would
probably know that you are not actually a giant living in a castle in the
clouds. That's how fiction works, after all.
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