[tlhIngan Hol] New pIqaD font and transliteration tool

Daniel Dadap daniel at dadap.net
Fri Feb 9 19:06:20 PST 2018

I have released the pIqaD typeface that I previously mentioned on this list as a TrueType font. I ended up renaming it from “pIqaD nap” to “pIqaD qolqoS”, and it is available for download at:
https://github.com/dadap/pIqaD-fonts/releases/download/pIqaD-fonts-r1/pIqaD-fonts.zip <https://github.com/dadap/pIqaD-fonts/releases/download/pIqaD-fonts-r1/pIqaD-fonts.zip>

Thanks again to those who provided feedback on the earlier revisions of the typeface.

I’ve also refined the transliteration tool I previously mentioned on this list: it now uses the above mentioned font (even if you don’t have it installed on your system) and has a few other new features, including displaying a random quote when loaded. (If the quotes look “off”, that’s probably intentional: I corrupted some well known sayings on purpose, with the intent of keeping them grammatical, if somewhat nonsensical. Please let me know if any of those quotes have strayed into ungrammaticalness.) The new, more memorable location of the tool is: https://dadap.github.io/pIqaD-tools/universal-transliterator/ <https://dadap.github.io/pIqaD-tools/universal-transliterator/>

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