[tlhIngan Hol] new words episode 14 and 15

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Tue Feb 6 08:02:04 PST 2018

I may have missed an email, but isn't patlhmoH what you want?  From Lieven's post:

  "Perhaps the verb patlh be ranked, have a status, be graded will work. The form
    patlhmoH would mean rank, assign status, sort and also compare. When used
    with the compare meaning, of course, the object of the verb is always plural.
    The implication that if two (or more) things are ranked or sorted, they're ranked
   in comparison to one another."

We also have the verbs:

buv                  classify (v)
poj                  analyze (v)
gher                compile (v)
chov                assess, evaluate, test (v)


From: Felix Malmenbeck

However, it would be useful to have something for "sort (into categories)"; for example, organizing socks by color, or length, or separating child A's socks from child B's socks. <paSloghvaD Qur pabmoH.> comes to mind, or <DaqDaj tlhInDaq ngIq paSlogh lan.>, but I'm not sure.


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