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Continued thanks for sharing the new words and your discussions with Maltz.  Quick question:  Why did you suggest chep prosper, be prosperous for growing plants?  Does it have a farming connotation in German?  Something like "flourish" perhaps?

We already have the verb poch plant :

(KGT 89):  "Agriculture (Satlh) is practiced to a certain extent, though it is common to gather uncultivated plants as well. Fruit or vegetables that come from a farm (Du') are called either naH alone or Du' naH (farm fruit or vegetable or produce) ... The verb yob (harvest) is used to refer to gathering up plants or plant parts, whether from a field (yotlh) that has been sown or out in the wild. The verb meaning farm is wIj; that meaning plant (referring to vegetation of any kind) is poch. One may say Sor poch (He/she plants a tree), lav poch (He/she plants a shrub), and even naH poch (He/she plants fruit or vegetables), referring to the ultimate use of the plant as a food source...

Now, in light of Okrand's comments, poch seems to refer to the physical act of planting - placing plants or seeds into the ground and covering them with soil - while wIj seems more general (e.g. "I grow wheat and sorghum on my farm").


From: Lieven L. Litaer

To talk about "growing plants" (i.e. plant them and making them grow), Okrand suggested to use {wIj} "farm". I asked for {chep}, but he said that {chep} does not work with plants.

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