[tlhIngan Hol] Simple pIqaD typeface

Daniel Dadap daniel at dadap.net
Sun Feb 4 09:54:13 PST 2018

Hello all,

             

danIlmoH ‘oH pongwIj’e’. tera’ngan jIh. mungwIj ‘oH ‘amerI’qa’ SepjIjQa’’e'. TexasDaq juHwIj ‘ach NewYorkDaq jIboghpu'. (Hope that was vaguely grammatical - that’s about as far as I’ll attempt conversing in Klingon for now.)

I attempted to post this yesterday, but the message included an image attachment which was apparently too large, so here goes again with a smaller version of the image.

I'm attempting to learn Klingon again, which I've done on several short-lived occasions since the mid '90s, and this time I'm trying to make a more solid effort. While studying the pIqaD I went through the exercise of designing a pIqaD typeface to help me learn the forms. I've styled it as a simple, "sans-serif" design which I call "pIqaD nap" (I hope that makes sense in tlhIngan Hol), and was curious to get some feedback from experienced pIqaD readers to see how "intuitively" legible it is. Here's a small sample:

I know designs like this have been done before (see e.g. Nokia Pure Klingon), but I just couldn't get myself to agree with some of the choices made in any of the existing fonts that have been done in this vein. (For example, 'b', 'Q', 'r', and 'S' in the Nokia font seem a bit off to me when compared with the standard glyph shapes.)
I'd appreciate any feedback on tweaks that experienced Klingonists may have on how to make these more recognizable as pIqaD while maintaining the overall design aesthetic. I plan on releasing the font under the SIL Open Font License after I've had a chance to tweak the kerning tables some more.

( If the image does not appear, you can try viewing it at: https://imgur.com/a/3mL0k )
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