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On 12/29/2018 10:02 AM, De'vID wrote:
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>     On 12/28/2018 10:59 PM, De'vID wrote:
>>     Two verbs to consider here are {tuQ} and {tatlh}. {tuQmoH} and
>>     {tatlh'egh} are lexicalised,
>     How do we know that *tuQmoH* is lexicalized?
> I guess we don't know for certain, and it's confusing because it's 
> glossed in TKD as "put on (clothes)", and in HolQeD 2.4, {tuQmoHHa'} 
> (not {tuQHa'moH}) is used with the meaning "take off (clothes)".

I think the gloss /put on (clothes)/ is misleading as to the grammar of 
*tuQmoH. *I believe *tuQ* works just like any other verb. It's just that 
the English terminology doesn't use the same grammar as the Klingon that 
makes it confusing.

*tuQ* /wear (clothes)
/*tuQmoH*/put on (clothes)
/*tuQHa'moH*/undress, take off (clothes)

*HIp vItuQ* /I wear the uniform
/*puq vItuQmoH*/I dress the child; I cause the child to wear (something 
/*HIp vItuQmoH* /I dress someone unspecified in the uniform; I put the 
uniform on (someone unspecified)
/*puqvaD HIp vItuQmoH*/I dress the child in the uniform; I cause the 
child to wear the uniform/

*jItuQHa'moH* /I undress someone unspecified; I cause someone 
unspecified to un-wear.
/*puq vItuQHa'moH* /I undress the child; I cause the child to un-wear 
(something unspecified)
/*HIp vItuQHa'moH*/I take the uniform off (of someone unspecified); I 
cause someone unspecified to un-wear the uniform
/*puqvaD HIp vItuQHa'moH*/I remove the uniform from the child; I cause 
the child to un-wear the uniform/


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