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> Adding the number suffix –*logh* changes things:
> (st.klingon 2/1999):  *'arlogh* *how many times*? a word that functions
> adverbially, made up of the question word *'ar* *how much*? *How many*?
> and the special number suffix -*logh* *times* (as in *six times*)

I wonder if *'arDIch* is possible, meaning something like "what number?",
"which position in a series?", or "how manyth?", and expecting an ordinal
number *(wa'DIch, cha'DIch*, etc.) in response. German has an interrogative
*wievielter* which, *vIqawchu'chugh*, has a similar meaning.

*che'wI' 'arDIch ghaH Barack Obama'e'?* "Which president was Obama?",
expecting an answer like *che'wI' loSmaH loSDIch ghaH.*
*qIj puH DujlIj 'arDIch?* "Which of your cars was black?" (That is, which
of the cars in the series of cars you've owned was black?)
*QapwI' 'arDIch SoH?* "What place did you come in?" (I don't know how
Klingons talk about placing in a competition but* QapwI' wa'DIch* for
"first place", *QapwI' cha'DIch* for "second place", might work for now. Or
maybe not.)
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