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> [poD]
> From this title translation, I am inclined to expect that one says {SIla'}
>>> primarily for a mirror whose size has been established as large and that,
>>> if the size hasn't been established or isn't relevant, {neSlo'} is the more
>>> likely term, the way we use "cow" generically (if incorrectly) for cattle
>>> regardless of their sex. jIjatlhchugh <neSlo' HInob!> ghaytan SIla' je
>>> vIlo'laH. jIjatlhchugh <SIla' HInob!> ghaytan yapbe' neSlo'.
>> Maybe that's only because a board game is approximately the size of a
>> {neSlo'}, and if we were talking about a game played with much larger
>> pieces, {SIla'} would be more appropriate.
> Perhaps. But a central idea of the book, recognized by really good klin
> zha players, is that power of games as analogies. Since size is a
> superficial difference in the game, wouldn't the hypothetical mirror for
> klin zha kinta still be called a {neSlo'}?

chaq 'u'vamDaq neSlo' ponglu' 'ej 'u' quqDaq SIla' ponglu'.

(Maybe it's the other way around in the Mirror Universe.)

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