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Hutvagh. wot bIH mu'meyvetlh. 

bom vIghItlhmeH {vay} vIlo'DI' DIp 'oH 'e' vIHar. 

 - SapIr

On Tue, Apr 24, 2018 at 05:13:28PM +0000, Steven Boozer wrote:
> Klingon Word of the Day for Tuesday, April 24, 2018
> Klingon word: lul
> Part of speech: verb
> Definition: fight, battle (relatively major fight)
> Source: KGT
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> (KGT 47):  In addition to these general terms, there are a number of specific words relating to specific types of battle or engagement.  First of all, there is a set of verbs that can each be translated "clash with, encounter, engage", and the like, but these translations do not make the differences between the words clear. 
> They are differentiated by degree, ranging from something like struggle in a minor skirmish to engage in a major melee.  Arranged in ascending order of ferocity, they are: {Qor, tlhaS, vay, lul, Hargh}.  If Klingons engaged in shadowboxing, {Qor} might be appropriately applied, while {Hargh} would be reserved only for situations approaching Armageddon.
> ghaH ghIj Daw'vam
>     lulchoHlaHpa' chaH
>     qeylIS HoH'e' wuq je molor
> [translation unavailable]  (PB)
> vaS'a'vetlhDaq
>     molor vaghvatlh
>     lul qeylIS luqara' je
> qaStaHvIS rep law' Hargh
>     vaS'a' teb
>     molor SuvwI'pu' 'Iw
> [translation unavailable]  (PB)
> And a (non-canon) example from ST DISCOVERY:
> Do'natu vaghDaq DIvI' wIlulpu' 'a qaStaHvIS poH veb mayonchoHchu'pu'. 
> We have become complacent in the time since we last battled the Federation at Donatu V. 
> (DSC/Qov "Battle At the Binary Stars")
> Hey 		battle or fight against one's own group (not the supposed enemy) (v)
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> Voragh
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