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Klingon Word of the Day for Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Klingon word: lul
Part of speech: verb
Definition: fight, battle (relatively major fight)
Source: KGT

(KGT 47):  In addition to these general terms, there are a number of specific words relating to specific types of battle or engagement.  First of all, there is a set of verbs that can each be translated "clash with, encounter, engage", and the like, but these translations do not make the differences between the words clear. 
They are differentiated by degree, ranging from something like struggle in a minor skirmish to engage in a major melee.  Arranged in ascending order of ferocity, they are: {Qor, tlhaS, vay, lul, Hargh}.  If Klingons engaged in shadowboxing, {Qor} might be appropriately applied, while {Hargh} would be reserved only for situations approaching Armageddon.

ghaH ghIj Daw'vam
    lulchoHlaHpa' chaH
    qeylIS HoH'e' wuq je molor
[translation unavailable]  (PB)

    molor vaghvatlh
    lul qeylIS luqara' je
qaStaHvIS rep law' Hargh
    vaS'a' teb
    molor SuvwI'pu' 'Iw
[translation unavailable]  (PB)

And a (non-canon) example from ST DISCOVERY:

Do'natu vaghDaq DIvI' wIlulpu' 'a qaStaHvIS poH veb mayonchoHchu'pu'. 
We have become complacent in the time since we last battled the Federation at Donatu V. 
(DSC/Qov "Battle At the Binary Stars")

Hey 		battle or fight against one's own group (not the supposed enemy) (v)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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