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Thu Oct 5 11:58:17 PDT 2017

On 10/5/2017 2:45 PM, mayqel qunenoS wrote:
> There are some verbs, which contain the concept of "for, about, etc". 
> For example {SaH} "care about, be concerned about".
> And we have said, that when we are using these verbs, we don't place 
> an additional {-vaD} on the word, which would take a {-vaD}, if the 
> "for, about, etc" concept wasn't included in the verb.

Don't think of *SaH* as containing the concept of /for, about/, etc. 
Think of it in Klingon. If you *SaH* a thing, you consider it and like 
it and pay attention to it. You're not doing anything "for" anything; 
you're *SaH*ing something.

> For example, we say {romuluSngan vISaHbe'} and not {romuluSnganvaD 
> vISaHbe'}.

/I do not *SaH*//the Romulan/ versus /I do not *SaH* it for the Romulan./

> But I need to ask.. If we did write {romuluSnganvaD vISaHbe'}, would 
> that be wrong ?

It doesn't mean /I *SaH* the Romulan; /it means /I *SaH* it for the 

> And in case someone wonders why I'm asking..
> In cases where I wanted to say "I gave to myself a present", since 
> there is no prefix for "me-myself", I wrote {qunnoqvaD nob vInob}.
> But if I want to say "we care only for us", and I want to write 
> {maHvaD neH maSaH}, I stumble upon the fact that the concept of {-vaD} 
> is already included in the {SaH}.

    — in the chart notes subject-object combinations which cannot be
    expressed with the Klingon verb prefix system. For such meanings,
    suffixes (section 4.2.1) and/or pronouns (section 5.1) must be used.

There is no prefix for "me to myself," so use suffixes and/or prefixes.

*jIHvaD nob vInob
*/I give a present to myself/


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