[tlhIngan Hol] Verbs which contain for, about, etc

mayqel qunenoS mihkoun at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 11:45:02 PDT 2017

There are some verbs, which contain the concept of "for, about, etc". For
example {SaH} "care about, be concerned about".

And we have said, that when we are using these verbs, we don't place an
additional {-vaD} on the word, which would take a {-vaD}, if the "for,
about, etc" concept wasn't included in the verb.

For example, we say {romuluSngan vISaHbe'} and not {romuluSnganvaD

But I need to ask.. If we did write {romuluSnganvaD vISaHbe'}, would that
be wrong ?

And in case someone wonders why I'm asking..

In cases where I wanted to say "I gave to myself a present", since there is
no prefix for "me-myself", I wrote {qunnoqvaD nob vInob}.

But if I want to say "we care only for us", and I want to write {maHvaD neH
maSaH}, I stumble upon the fact that the concept of {-vaD} is already
included in the {SaH}.

So, because of this reason I ask, "can we use a {-vaD} with verbs such as
{SaH} ?" Can I write {maHvaD neH maSaH} ?

mayqel q
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