[tlhIngan Hol] time words and deixis

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Wed Nov 29 21:04:43 PST 2017

On Wed, Nov 29, 2017 at 2:16 PM, nIqolay Q <niqolay0 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Lieven asked Okrand about this at qepHom'a' 2016, and posted about it to
> the mailing list, although I'm not sure he got around to posting it to
> qephom.de or anywhere.
> http://lists.kli.org/pipermail/tlhingan-hol-kli.org/2016-July/000832.html
> So "this event happened when I was forty" would be *qaStaHvIS DISwIj
> loSmaHDIch*,
> In this conversation Okrand gives ordinal numbers for age, beginning with
{DIS paghDIch} for the year following birth. This conflicts with the way I
thought Klingon birthdays were numbered: {qoS wa'DIch} for the actual day
that someone is born, {qoS cha'DIch} for its first anniversary, etc.. It
would hardly make sense for the zeroth year to start on the first birthday
and end on the second, but perhaps I'm mistaken about this birthday
numbering, since I can't find a source for it.

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