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A pun:
ba'Suq = Bazooka is a brand of chewing gum.

(We've also got {rIS} as a pun on Rice Krispies and {peS} as a pun on Pez.
Someone must have been looking forward to Halloween...)

On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 8:45 AM, Lieven <levinius at gmx.de> wrote:

> Hello,
> for playing the language bubble game, Maltz was asked for such a word.
> ----
> For the archive: this is printed in qepHom 2017, page 20.
> ----
> The verb is {ngon}. The noun is {ba'Suq}.
> Also... The verb {jo'} means "blow into a container of some kind" in the
> sense of "inflate, fill with air, blow up" ("blow up" like to blow up a
> balloon, not "explode").
> It's used for blowing up a balloon, blowing into a paper bag (so you can
> then hit the bag against something so that it explodes with a loud noise),
> whatever it is that glass blowers do, and, yes, blow bubbles.
> It's not the same as {SuS}, which can also be used for blowing out a
> candle. With {SuS} you're blowing into/onto/at something, but the air gets
> out of the thing (or never goes in it). With {jo'}, the air is trapped in
> the thing and can't come out until you let it out (or the thing breaks).
> The object of both verbs is the thing you blow into/onto/at. If you use a
> {-Daq} construction, it implies that you missed – you blew towards the
> object, but the air bypassed it.
> ----
> Additional information, not printed:
> The verb {ngon} describes what water does when it's boiling: It's
> bubbling. Also, if you blow with a straw into a glass of water, then it's
> also bubble-ing, i.e. making bubbles. The person does not {ngon}, they
> {ngonmoH} the water.
> The noun {ba'Suq} is used also for a chewing gum bubble, a soap bubble and
> so on. You can even have bubbles in the bath tub, and the foam in the
> bathtub is made of millions of bubbles, but the foam itself is not called
> bubble. Of course, you can add suffixes to it for very small bubbles, like
> the ones you have in sparkling water and champagne, for instance.
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