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Lieven levinius at gmx.de
Mon Nov 20 03:24:09 PST 2017

Hello again,

Here are some more words that were asked by several people:

For the archive: this is printed in qepHom 2017, page 8.
{mI'wI' much} n. "dance show", a show consisting of people dancing. It 
can be used to translate "cabaret" if the cabaret show consists entirely 
or nearly entirely of dancing, but that's a special and infrequent 

{much Qe'} n. "cabaret", means the location, such as a nightclub or 
restaurant where there's food/drink along with a show.

{Qe' much} n. "cabaret" means the show performed in such a place.
{Huj} is "strange" as in unfamiliar
{jum} is "odd" as in peculiar, unexpected, fishy
{taQ} is "weird" as in bizarre, unnatural, maybe creepy

An "odd number" is {mI' mob}
An "even number" is {mI' mobHa'}

In appropriate contexts, the {mI'} could be left out.

{tem} v. "deny" means "contradict, disavow, claim as false" and the 
like. It does not mean "refuse, reject, turn down, don't permit"

In TKD, {DenIb} and {DenIbya'} are both glossed "Denebia." But that's an 
error. The planet name in English is Deneb, not Denebia. But this 
coming-and-going -ya' thing crept its way into the English side of the 
dictionary somehow. HIvqa' veqlargh! The Klingon, however, is correct: 
there are two versions of this name.

This information from #qepHom2017 will be added to the page "Message 
from Maltz" on qepHom.de later:

Lieven L. Litaer
aka the "Klingon Teacher from Germany"

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