[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: taqmoH

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Thu Nov 9 08:42:27 PST 2017

I was updating my files just now with the Klingon dialogue from the latest DSC episode "Si vis pacem, para bellum" when I noticed a relevant exchange for today's WOTD:

KOL:	lIr'el, Du'arghHa'moH mIvwa'. 
	The scar is an improvement, L'Rell. 

L'RELL:	SanDIy 'oH. vItuQmo' jIHem. 
	Earned in battle. I wear it with pride.


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From: Voragh

Klingon word: taqmoH
Part of speech: verb
Definition: scar
Source: qep'a' 24 [2017]

(qep'a' 24 New Words):  So if you have a scar that you got in a fight, that could be either a {mIvwa'} or a {SanDIy}. If you don't know whether someone's scar resulted from a wound or a disease, it's probably safest to go with {mIvwa'}. If the person's scar is actually a {SanDIy}, he/she will, under most circumstances, clarify this for you. If it's a {roptoj}, he/she may let the "misdiagnosis" slide since, as we all know, {ropchoHbe' tlhInganpu'}."

taq  		be scarred (v)
mIvwa'		scar (result of a wound, regardless of how the wound occurred) (n)
roptoj	 	scar (result of some sort of disease, infection, etc.) (n)
SanDIy 		scar (result of a wound received in the course of fighting/battling) (n)

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