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Thu May 18 06:24:41 PDT 2017

On 5/18/2017 7:37 AM, Rebecca Krause wrote:
> "tlhIch purwI' 'oHbe'."
> qech 'oH <Star Trek>. qech mIllogh bIH <The Original Series>, <The 
> Next Generation>, <Deep Space Nine>, latlhmey je. pImlaH mIlloghmey.
> Trying to say:
> "This is not a pipe.
> Star Trek is an idea. TOS, TNG, DS9, etc. are representations of an 
> idea. Representations can differ."
> Especially not sure about <tlhIch purwI'> due to the ambiguity of 
> that; it could be a smoking device or a person who smokes.

*tlhIch purwI'*/smoke inhaler:/ the subject of *pur* inhales something. 
The English might be ambiguous; the Klingon is not. *tlhIch purmeH 
jan*/device for inhaling smoke/ might be a pipe, but it might also be a 
cigarette or a bong.

Whenever you use a pronoun as a verb, any noun phrases that go on the 
right side of the pronoun must have *-'e'* attached to them.

*qech 'oH Hov leng'e'. qech mIllogh bIH much wa'DIch'e', puq poH veb'e', 
logh Hop tengchaH Hut'e', latlhmey'e' je.*

With the understanding that you're talking about these things being 
*qech mIllogh* /visual depictions of an idea./ *mIllogh* means a visual 
depiction, not an abstract representation (unless it's a visual one).


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