[tlhIngan Hol] The new old Klingons

Rebecca Krause rebecca.krause.1985 at gmail.com
Thu May 18 04:37:25 PDT 2017

"tlhIch purwI' 'oHbe'."

qech 'oH <Star Trek>. qech mIllogh bIH <The Original Series>, <The Next
Generation>, <Deep Space Nine>, latlhmey je. pImlaH mIlloghmey.

Trying to say:

"This is not a pipe.

Star Trek is an idea. TOS, TNG, DS9, etc. are representations of an idea.
Representations can differ."

Especially not sure about <tlhIch purwI'> due to the ambiguity of that; it
could be a smoking device or a person who smokes.

On Thu, May 18, 2017 at 6:39 AM, Lieven <levinius at gmx.de> wrote:

> jIja':
>> These Klingons are a kick  in the ass of fifty years of movie history.
> Am 18.05.2017 um 09:55 jang De'vID:
>> tlhIngan DISovbogh rurbe' 'e' vISaHbe'. tlhIngan Hol wIghovbogh
>> lujatlh 'e' vISaH.
> lutvetlh vI'Ij neH vIneHbe', 'oH vIbej vIneH je. tlhInganpu' vIparHa'meH
> ngoD bIHbej qabDaj, rolDaj, jIbDaj je. DaH Dochmeyvetlh luHutlh. moH je
> QuchDaj. vaj DaHjaj chaq tlhInganpu' vItIvlaHchu'qu'.
> DIvI' Dujmey luchoHpu'be', loQ HIpmey luchoH, Deghmey luchoHbe',
> vulqanganpu' luchoHbe', 'ach tlhInganpu' luchoHchu' jay'.
> qeng, qolotlh, qor je Qup rurba' tlhInganpu'na'.
> qen, qoloth, qor je qan vImaS :-)
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