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On 3/26/2017 4:25 AM, Jeremy Silver wrote:
> On Tuesday 21 Mar 2017 14:55:08 Lieven wrote:
>> For the translation of the intro of a famous German children TV show I
>> have asked Marc Okrand how I'd best name their main characters which are
>> a mouse and an elephant. Okrand talked to Maltz and replied with the
>> following. It's not really a new word, but at least some canon spelling
>> of a terran animal.
>> ---------------------------------------
>> Lieven —
>> I think {Qa'Hom} is okay for "mouse."
>> And Maltz wasn't aware of any native Klingon elephant-like animal.  So
>> go with a Klingon version of Federation Standard.  How about {'e'levan}?
>>    - Marc
>> ---------------------------------------
> Now the video of this intro seems to be available:
> http://www1.wdr.de/kinder/tv/die-sendung-mit-der-maus/video-vorspann-maus-klingonisch-100.html
> Is there a transcript available for those with hearing as bad as mine?
> Who narrated it?

Don't blame yourself; the pronunciation is a valiant attempt, but very 
difficult to make out. Here is what I heard (and I have no idea what the 
original German is, nor would I understand it if I did). Each line is 
ended with a pause.

    QaghmeH wojmeH je lutmey
    DaHjaj nom jul He wItlha'qu'
    Alexander tera' velqa' chImpu'
    pumlaw'bogh tera' pegh
    tlhom chum Hutlhbogh jajmey'e'
    'ej net Sov nutlhej /mawS 'elevan/ je

The speaker somewhat skips over *qaghwI'* and seems to have trouble with 
*Qay* and *tlhay.* His cadence is also difficult to follow, though he 
clearly understands what he's saying. The translator chose not to use 
*Qa'Hom* for /mouse./


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