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- talk about, discuss (verb)

Example sentences:

(1) "I enjoy talking about Klingon."

(2) "We spoke about the fact that bicycles are evil."

(3) "What are y'all talking about?"

(4) "I visited the restaurant that you told me about."

(5) "Why is our CO so unwilling to talk about the space station that our enemies destroyed?"

(6) "She refuses to talk about the project she's working on."

(7) "That blowhard talks about himself too much."

(8) "Those lovers talk about each other too much."

Arguably, these could be handled using {QIch} and {bop}, but I'm not entirely certain if {QIch} really describes the content of a conversation or more the act of speech itself.

Going through my example sentences using existing vocabulary, I'd do something like:

(1) tlhIngan Hol bopbogh QIch'e' vIjatlhtaH 'e' vItIv.

(2) mIgh qam Do Dujmey 'e' bopbogh QIch'e' wIjatlh.

(3) nuq boptaH QIchraj?

(4) Qe''e' bopbogh QIch chojatlhta'bogh vISuchta'.

(5) tengchaH'e' luSangta'bogh jaghpu'ma' bopbogh QIch jatlhqangbe'qu' ra'wI'ma'. qatlh?

(6) jInmol turtaHbogh bopbogh QIch'e' mujatlhQo'.

(7) tlhoy 'eDjenvetlh bop QIchDaj. / jatlhtaHvIS 'eDjenvetlh tlhoy buS'egh.

(8) parmaqqaypu'vetlh'e', jatlhtaHvIS vay', tlhoy pIj latlh bop QIchDaj.

Using the dummy word [KZÖF], meaning "talk about, discuss", we instead have:

(1) tlhIngan Hol vI[KZÖF]taH 'e' vItIv.

(2) mIgh qam Do Dujmey 'e' wI[KZÖF].

(3) nuq bo[KZÖF]taH?

(4) Qe''e' cho[KZÖF]ta'bogh vISuchta'.

(5) tengchaH'e' luSangta'bogh jaghpu'ma' [KZÖF]qangbe'qu' ra'wI'ma'. qatlh?

(6) jInmol turtaHbogh mu[KZÖF]Qo'.

(7) tlhoy [KZÖF]'egh 'eDjenvetlh.

(8) tlhoy [KZÖF]chuq parmaqqaypu'vetlh.

Having a word like [KZÖF] doesn't save you all that much time, but it's still something that I feel would be quite convenient to have, especially once you start getting into more reflexive subjects and subordinate clauses (like "people who talk about each other").

On the other hand, NOT having such a word does force us to rethink the things we say, which has some virtue in and of itself. And certainly, it's well within Marc's prerogative to simply say "There isn't a word for that.", and that would be an interesting piece of canon in and of itself.

Lastly, it should be mentioned that {ja'chuq} is glossed as "discuss, confer", and in paq'batlh, Molor actually appears to use it to mean "talk about":

petaQ'a' SoH
bIlay'DI' qaHarbe'
quv HIja'chuqQo'

> You dirty p'takh,
> Your word means nothing to me,
> Don't speak to me of honor!

There has been some discussion about this on the mailing list before, and while opinions seem to diverge, it's clear that it's not a universally accepted usage; some believe it to be a look-up error, while others think it's an example of a derived term that's taken on a new meaning and syntax of its own (similar to lo'laH and lo'laHbe').

So, if this suggestion does make it onto the list of requested words, it would be good to include a note about this, so that Marc can either confirm or reject it.

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>> mob qeylIS ngeng HeHDaq yIt
>> And Kahless was alone walking along the shore (PB)

> Should this be {mob ngeng HeHDaq yIt qeylIS} ?

The full stanza is:

mob qeylIS

ngeng HeHDaq yIt

SanDaj buS vaj 'It

The text of paq'batlh is mostly devoid of punctuation, but given both the grammar and the line breaks, it's probably safe to assume that the Klingon text of the first two lines could be divided as: {mob qeylIS. ngeng HeHDaq yIt. SanDaj buS, vaj 'It.}

A more literal translation of the Klingon text would probably be "Kahless was alone. He walked by the lake's shore."

You could also have {mob. ngeng HeHDaq yIt qeylIS.} ("He was alone. Kahless walked by the lake's shore.")

However, I think that's a bit less clear; Morath is also involved in this canto, so it's a good idea to clarify that you're talking about Kahless sooner rather than later.

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Should this be {mob ngeng HeHDaq yIt qeylIS} ?

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shore (lake) :

mob qeylIS ngeng HeHDaq yIt
And Kahless was alone walking along the shore (PB)

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