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WRT T.V. episode, movie, etc., instead of forms with {HaSta} "visual display (on monitor)" I've more often seen {jIH} "monitor (device)" and {jIH'a'} "main viewscreen, main viewer" used.  E.g.:

*{jIHlut}           episode (TV)
*{jIH lut}          episode (TV)

*{jIH'a' lut}            movie
*{jIHlut'a'}        movie, film

*{jIHluttlhegh}     series, mini-series (TV)

FYI here's the full quote for {muchpa'}:

(MO to De'vID, 3/2015 < FOTSN):  {muchpa'} is fine for "theater" (or "theatre"), but a better translation might be "auditorium". Maltz agreed with your observation that it's kind of close to {puchpa'}, but he said that, given his viewing of Terran plays and movies, that might be apt and it didn't bother him at all. If "Bloomsbury Theatre" refers to the whole building - auditorium, lobby, dressing rooms, {puchpa'mey}) - not just the room where the performance takes place, he'd go with {much qach}.

much                presentation (n),
much                present, perform (music) (v)


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I don't believe there's any canonical name for either, but people commonly refer to movies - as well as episodes and shorter videos - as {HaSta much} ("visual display presentation"). For a feature film, you might consider {HaSta much'a'} ("visual display greater-presentation").

Marc Okrand has translated {muchpa'} ("presentation-room") as "theatre" in the sense of "auditorium", which is to say the room in which a presentation is viewed. However, a "theatre" as in a whole building would be a {much qach} ("presentation building").

Source:  http://www.klingonwiki.net/En/FestivalOfTheSpokenNerd        [= FOTSN]

So, I'd describe a movie theatre building as a {HaSta much qach}, and say that most of these buildings contain several {HaSta muchpa'mey}.

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 Are there words for "movie" and "movie theatre"?

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