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I don't believe there's any canonical name for either, but people commonly refer to movies - as well as episodes and shorter videos - as {HaSta much} ("visual display presentation"). For a feature film, you might consider {HaSta much'a'} ("visual display greater-presentation").

Marc Okrand has translated {muchpa'} ("presentation-room") as "theatre" in the sense of "auditorium", which is to say the room in which a presentation is viewed. However, a "theatre" as in a whole building would be a {much qach} ("presentation building").



So, I'd describe a movie theatre building as a {HaSta much qach}, and say that most of these buildings contain several {HaSta muchpa'mey}.

You can read about the syntax of the word {jaH} here:



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Are there words for "movie" and "movie theatre"?

And I feel like I should know this, but

*theatre* vIjaH


*theatre*Daq jIjaH?
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