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Tue Jan 17 20:13:34 PST 2017

So spent the day working the first paragraph of <<poSayDon>>. There are
still a few rough spots, I think, but I believe it's an improvement.
Looking forward to your comments.

vummeH raSDajDaq ba'taH poSayDon 'ej SImtaH.
Hoch bIQmey loH not 'e' mev: boQ law' rItlaH, mI'chaj vuSbe'lu',
'ej SaHbej HochHom chaH, 'ach ghaHvaD potlhqu'mo' Qu'Daj,
Hoch Simqa' poSayDon, 'ej vaj ghaHvaD ram QaHchaj.
Qu'Daj tIvbe'ba' poSayDon. ghaHvaD poQlu'mo', vum ghaH.
pIj <<QuchmoHbogh Qu'>> tlhob -- mu'meyvetlh pup lo' --
'ej DuHmey Sar chuplu', 'ach ghaHvaD nIvqu'mo' Qu'Daj wa'DIch,
lajbe' ghaH. reH che'wI' ratlhnISmo' poSayDon, Qatlh Qu' pIm tu'meH mIw.
ghaHvaD yapbe'bej wa' bIQ neH yer. Qu' chu' lajchugh, ngajchoHbe'
SImmeH mIw: ramchoH neH 'oH. bIQDaq 'oHbe'taHbogh Qu''e'
chuplu'chugh, ropmoH qechvam: Qun tlhuHDaj nISchoHlu',
'ej QomchoH roDaj Hosghaj. bep poSayDon, 'ach ghaH Harbej pagh:
QeHDI' HoSghajqu'wI', ghaH yonmoHlu' net nIDnIS, 'ej ghaytanHa'
'oHchugh Qapla', vaj ghaHvaD ghetnISlu'. Qu'Daj choHbej poSayDon
'e' qel pagh. qa'vam bIQmey Qun'a' gheS ghaH, 'ej vaj ratlhnIStaH.

Poseidon sat at his desk, doing figures. The administration
of all the waters gave him endless work. He could have had
assistants, as many as he wanted — and he did have very many —
but since he took his job very seriously, he would in the end go over
all the figures and calculations himself, and thus his assistants
were of little help to him. It cannot be said that he enjoyed his work;
he did it only because it had been assigned to him; in fact, he had
already filed many petitions for — as he put it — more cheerful work,
but every time the offer of something different was made to him
it would turn out that nothing suited him quite as well as his present
position. And anyhow it was quite difficult to find something different
for him. After all, it was impossible to assign him to a particular sea;
aside from the fact that even then the work with figures would not
become less but only pettier, the great Poseidon could in any case
occupy only an executive position. And when a job away from
the water was offered to him he would get sick at the very prospect,
his divine breathing would become troubled and his brazen chest
began to tremble. Besides, his complaints were not really taken seriously;
when one of the mighty is vexatious the appearance of an effort
must be made to placate him, even when the case is most hopeless.
In actuality a shift of posts was unthinkable for Poseidon — he had
been appointed God of the Sea in the beginning, and that he had to remain

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