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SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Sun Jan 15 19:26:03 PST 2017

On 1/15/2017 9:34 PM, Brian Cote wrote:
> ej vaj ghaH QeHqu'moH qechna'vam 'ej bI'reS Qu'DajvaD
> ghaH parqu'moH.
> Disregarding your suggestions for recasting these sentences
> for the moment.
> {bI'reS} - I was intending to use it as a time stamp, as in
>  the {paq'batlh}, however, I'm thinking {wa'DIch} might have
> been more appropriate here.

*wa'DIch* would have been better. A *bI'reS* is the beginning of some 
artistic performance, not a job.

> {Qu'DajvaD ghaH parqu'moH} - I'll explain my thinking here.
>  I was intending to write /(this idea specifically) caused him to
> really dislike his duty/. I based this on the example of
>  {paqvaD qanejmoH}, but as I'm currently writing this,
>  I'm realizing that this probably falls under the category of
> the "prefix trick", correct? I was thinking that {ghaH} would be
>  the explicit direct object and {Qu'Daj} would be the explicit
>  indirect object. This obviously didn't work, correct?

Does *paqvaD qanejmoH* appear in /paq'batlh/? I have only about 
two-thirds of it typed in and searchable, and what I have already done 
doesn't contain that phrase.

Our first example of how to do this was on a SkyBox card, where the 
phrase was *ghaHvaD quHDaq qawmoH*/it causes him to remember his 
heritage./ Following this pattern, your desired sentence would be 
*ghaHvaD Qu'Daj parqu'moH*/it causes him to really dislike his task./


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