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Here's the second and final section of <<poSayDon>>.

roD bIQ'a' yu'eghDaq lIgh poSayDon, che'wI' nuH'e' jeqbogh wej DuQwI'
'uchtaHvIS 'e' luHar ghot law'. ghu'vam tu'DI' poSayDon -- 'ej Qu'Daj'e'
yonHa'choHghachDaj meq wa'DIch 'oH je ghu'vam'e' -- ghaH yIvqu'choHlu'.

What irritated him most — and it was this that was chiefly responsible
for his dissatisfaction with his job — was to hear of the conceptions
formed about him: how he was always riding about through the tides
with his trident.

yuQ-bIQ'a' bIS'ubDaq ba'bejtaHvIS poSayDon, SImtaH. DaltaHghachDaj
qaghmeH, DuH wa' neH ghaj ghaH: pIjHa' yupItIr Such, 'ach motlh
lengvamvo' cheghDI', QeHqu'taH poSayDon.

>When all the while he sat here in the depths of the world-ocean,
doing figures uninterruptedly, with now and then a trip to Jupiter
as the only break in the monotony — a trip, moreover, from which
he usually returned in a rage.

'ej vaj pIjHa' bIQ'a' legh poSayDon. nom 'olumpoS HuDDaq SaltaHvIS
neH ghaH, bIQ'a' leghlaH, 'ej not bIQ'a' qoDDaq lengchu'be'. jatlhtaH
poSayDon, van qo' 'e' loStaH ghaH. ngugh ghaytan qaS poHHom tam,
mI'meyDaj Qav SImqa'meH, 'ej ghIq vanbejpa' qo', nomqu' Hoch
SuchlaHmeH ghaH.

Thus he had hardly seen the sea — had seen it but fleetingly in
the course of hurried ascents to Olympus, and he had never actually
 traveled around it. He was in the habit of saying that what he was
waiting for was the fall of the world; then, probably, a quiet moment
would be granted in which, just before the end and having checked
the last row of figures, he would be able to make a quick little tour.

poSayDon DalchoHmoH bIQ'a'. ghaHvo' pum che'wI' nuHDaj.
bIQ HeHDaq ba'taHvIS ghaH, jot. 'emDajDaq bIH qoj. nachDaj DungDaq
puv bo'Degh'e' mISmoH Qun HoSDaj. gho rur HeDaj.

Poseidon became bored with the sea. He let fall his trident. Silently
he sat on the rocky coast and a gull, dazed by his presence, described
wavering circles around his head.

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