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  And similarly, in Latin, adding 'r' turns "videmus" = "we see" into "videmur" = "we are seen" by reassigning the "-mus" suffix to mean the one seen and not the one seeing. Klingon has no nominative/accusative case difference, so has a simpler scenario.
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The exact sentence TKD uses to explain the indefinite subject
      prefixes is this: "Those prefixes which normally indicate first-
      or second-person subject and third-person singular object (vI-,
        Da-, wI-, bo-) are used to indicate first- or second-person
      object." TKD is telling us that the object of a verb with -lu'
      remains an object with -lu' there. The prefixes are being
      reassigned; they no longer have their old roles when -lu'
      is used. There is no promotion of object to subject.
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