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On 2/14/2017 11:01 AM, Aurélie Demonchaux wrote:
> HIja’ ! SoQvetlh jatlhpu’ Qel wa’DIch J
> DaH mu’meyvam noy vImugh – bIH Daqaw’a’ ?
> < Doy’law’ ghaH ’e’ DaQubbe’’a’ ? >

jav mu' Dalo'pu'be'. :)

This sentence is difficult to translate satisfactorily because it has to 
hit exactly the right note. At first glance, you could just say 
*Doy'law'*/she seems to be tired./ But it has to be a question, because 
the Doctor's goal is not to evaluate Harriet's fatigue, but to get Alex 
to doubt her stamina. It's essential that Alex think that HE'S the one 
who has doubts.

The English also phrases it as /don't you think?/ instead of /do you 
think?/ because the latter would make Alex recognize that the Doctor is 
leading him to a conclusion. Therefore, *Doy' 'e' DaQub'a'* /do you 
think she's tired?/ isn't quite right either.

Ultimately I'd go with the single word the Doctor originally claimed: 
*Doy''a'*/is she tired?/ It loses a little in the casual gossipy tone of 
the original, which I don't think Klingon ever does very well, but makes 
up for it in being a single word which, when spoken subtly enough, would 
bring down the prime minister's entire government.

DaH, latlh vImugh. Daghovba'. loQ tlhIngan Hol poD vIlo'pu':

    DaH ghellu', /Pandorica /ghaj 'Iv? jIjang, jIH. ghIq ghellu', jIHvo'
    tlhaprup 'Iv? HInuD jay'! nab ghajbe'; ngaq ghajbe'; nuH lI'
    ghajbe'; toH, latlh vIghajbe': lujvIpghach meq. vaj Dujraj DoghDaq
    Suba'taHchugh 'ej nuHraj Dogh SubaHruptaHchugh, 'ej ramvam
    /Pandorica/ botlhap 'e' bonabchugh, lIbottaHbogh ghot yIqaw neH. reH
    SalujmoHpu'; Hoch maQmIgh jaj yIqaw. ghIq, *ghIq*, tIval'eghmoH.
    bInIDpa' nID latlh 'e' yIchaw'.


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