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I would just like to add (because it may help you with future problems) that what may actually be throwing you off is the lack of tense in Klingon.  One way to translate {jIvut 'e' vIparHa'} is "I like that I am cooking."  However, depending on context, you might also interpret it as, "I like that I cooked," "I like that I will cook," "I like that I do cook," and other variations too.


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I've been wondering, what's the correct way to express liking / disliking an activity?

For example, saying:

"I like to cook"
or "The Vulcan doesn't like to fight"

We have some examples of <par> and <parHa'> being used with nouns or pronouns but I can't find any canon source where they apply to verbs.

Do you use {'e'} or nothing in those cases?

As in:
<jIvut vIparHa'> vs <jIvut ’e’ vIparHa'>
<Suv par vulqangan> vs <Suv ’e’ par vulqangan>

My "feeling" would be to use no ’e’ , similar to the construction with <want> (neH), because 'e' is the equivalent of "that", so using it would mean "I like that I cook" / "The Vulcan doesn't like that he fights", implying that the cooking/fighting is actually happening now, instead of stating "I like cooking in general"/"the Vulcan doesn't like fighting in general" (but I'm not necessarily cooking right now and the Vulcan is not fighting right now either).

What do you think?

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