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> 4) wa'DIch nach 'ay'...> «First Nach, the form of the head, ...»
I can't understand this sentence at all. All I get is "First, part of the head.."

It's from a part of the paq'batlh where Kahless is demonstrating various mok'bara moves to his father and brother in Gre'thor. It has sort of a mystical, ritualistic feel, and is mostly sentence fragments. I don't have the paq'batlh with me at the moment, but fortunately this part and its translation were posted to the list a few months ago:

 wa'DIch nach 'ay' 
  cha'DIch ghIv 'ay'
  wejDIch burgh 'ay'
  loSDIch bIng 'ay'
  vaghDIch Dung 'ay'
  tagha' tIq Hoch botlh
  Hochlogh Dat joqtaHjaj 

First Nach, the form of the head.
Then Ghiv, the form of the legs and arms.
Then Burgh, the form of the stomach.
Then Bing, the form of the space above and below. 
Then Dung, the space beside.
And finally Tiq, the heart and center of all things,
May it forever beat, anywhere.
(paq'raD, canto 3, lines 10-16, p102)


Has anyone ever equated any mok'bara moves to actual martial or Qi Gung movements? 


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