[tlhIngan Hol] Hovtay’ HeHvo’ ‘aSralya’Daq nulabtaH VOYAGER nejwI’mey

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My mistake. I got that wrong.  I was distracted by the opportunity to finally use {‘aSralya’} and our recent {X-vo’ Y-Daq} thread.  But checking my notes I see that the object of {lab} “transmit data (away from a place)” is be the message, not the recipient:

Marc Okrand jIH.  De' potlh vIlab.
I am Marc Okrand and I bring you an important message. ('U'-MTK)

ghe'naQ Daqvo' QInvam wIlab.
We will place a homing device transmitting this message at the site of the opera. ('U'-MTK)

See also {lI’} “transmit data (to a place)”:

I am transmitting (the data). (TKD 42)

transmit it! (TKD 16)

De' yIlI'.  DaH!
Transmit data. Now! (ST3)

Perhaps a better verb would have been {rI’} “hail” whose object is the recipient:

tera'vo' SarI'.
I hail you from Earth. ('U'-MTK)

chach Duj yIrI'
Get an ambulance! (TNK)

ghaH rI' 'ej quvmoH qanra' qamchIy qup'a'
He is welcomed by Kahnrah, Patriarch of Qam-Chee. PB

… or just {Qum} “communicate” by itself:

I communicate. (KLS)

naDev bIQumqa' 'e' vItul.
[untranslated] (MO to SuStel, st.k 11/1996)


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“From the edge of the solar system, Voyager probes are still talking to Australia after 40 years”

translating "Hovtay' HeHvo' 'aSralya'Daq nulabtaH VOYAGER nejwI'mey":-

Here, the direct object of {lab} is the recipient of the message. What construction is used when needing to mention the message in the sentence?
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