[tlhIngan Hol] Is Star Trek: Discovery a new canon category?

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Fri Aug 11 10:15:58 PDT 2017

Tim Stoffel:
> Maybe you should make an exception for Kahless ;)

Hmm.. Qo'. tlhIngan Hol jatlh Qun'a'na' net jalchugh, vaj mu'meyDaj
vIlajQo'; 'ej yInbej Qun'a'na'vam.. 'a yInbe' qeylIS.


On 11 Aug 2017 7:29 pm, "Tim Stoffel" <tim at lionlamb.us> wrote:

> Maybe you should make an exception for Kahless ;)
> In the Na'vi community, we also accept anything from Paul Frommer as
> canon. We also recognize anything on the (One so far) film as canon,
> but we do recognize that the pronunciation of some Na'vi is not
> necessarily correct. There are a very few words created by Na'vi
> language community members (and a few by the actors), that were later
> 'blessed' by Frommer, and are marked as being created by them in the
> lexicon. With the advent of the lexical expansion project though, all
> such community sourced words (and there are a lot of them now) are of
> anonymous contribution, and marked as Frommerian words.
> Tim Stoffel
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> Unless a sentence comes from 'oqranD, then it isn't canon.
> I don't care if a friend of maltz wrote it, I don't care if the rest
> of the community considers this friend of maltz an expert;  I don't
> care if kahless himself said it, if it isn't from 'oqranD it isn't
> canon. Even if God himself wrote it and told me "mayqel this is
> canon", I would not accept it.
> Sometime in the past, when I was writing in english and my words
> -according to an expert here-, didn't concern klingon, he wrote:
> "The hundreds of people on this list, didn't join in order to read
> your (whatever it was I was writing about)".
> So, rephrasing his warm and kind words, I will say that:
> "The hundreds of people on this list didn't join in order to learn a
> friend of maltz's klingon; they joined to learn okrandian klingon".
> And something else, because there is here an obvious confusion with
> regards to who-is-who..
> Expert: Someone who knows everything and is able to provide correct
> and valid answers, in accordance to THE CANON WHICH ONLY OKRAND
> So, unless 'oqranD says that he read/wrote/approved each and every
> klingon sentence and translation of it, I refuse to accept it as
> canon.
> qunnoq
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