[tlhIngan Hol] Is Star Trek: Discovery a new canon category?

Tim Stoffel tim at lionlamb.us
Fri Aug 11 09:29:48 PDT 2017

Maybe you should make an exception for Kahless ;)

In the Na'vi community, we also accept anything from Paul Frommer as
canon. We also recognize anything on the (One so far) film as canon,
but we do recognize that the pronunciation of some Na'vi is not
necessarily correct. There are a very few words created by Na'vi
language community members (and a few by the actors), that were later
'blessed' by Frommer, and are marked as being created by them in the
lexicon. With the advent of the lexical expansion project though, all
such community sourced words (and there are a lot of them now) are of
anonymous contribution, and marked as Frommerian words.

Tim Stoffel


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Unless a sentence comes from 'oqranD, then it isn't canon.

I don't care if a friend of maltz wrote it, I don't care if the rest
of the community considers this friend of maltz an expert;  I don't
care if kahless himself said it, if it isn't from 'oqranD it isn't
canon. Even if God himself wrote it and told me "mayqel this is
canon", I would not accept it.

Sometime in the past, when I was writing in english and my words
-according to an expert here-, didn't concern klingon, he wrote:

"The hundreds of people on this list, didn't join in order to read
your (whatever it was I was writing about)".

So, rephrasing his warm and kind words, I will say that:

"The hundreds of people on this list didn't join in order to learn a
friend of maltz's klingon; they joined to learn okrandian klingon".

And something else, because there is here an obvious confusion with
regards to who-is-who..

Expert: Someone who knows everything and is able to provide correct
and valid answers, in accordance to THE CANON WHICH ONLY OKRAND

So, unless 'oqranD says that he read/wrote/approved each and every
klingon sentence and translation of it, I refuse to accept it as


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