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On Aug 30, 2017 23:09, "Lieven" <levinius at gmx.de> wrote:

Am 30.08.2017 um 20:32 schrieb Steven Boozer:

> I’m not quite sure I understand what Lieven’s FaceBook critic meant by
> “some kind of tool”, but here are a few purpose clauses that probably don’t
> – depending on how you analyze them - involve “purpose nouns”:

I'm not sure what Lieven means by "tool" since a {rojHom} isn't a tool.
There are plenty of purpose clauses modifying nouns which aren't tools.

Very often, there are two ways to interpet such constructions, for instance

*Dochvetlh DIlmeH Huch 'ar DaneH*

I'm sure this is not {DIlmeH Huch} but a separate phrase {Dochvetlh DIlmeH}
+ {Huch 'ar DaneH}

Really? I think this is {[Dochvetlh DIlmeH Huch] 'ar DaneH?} and not
*{Dochvetlh DIlmeH, Huch 'ar DaneH?}, because in the latter case, I'd
expect {Dochvetlh vIDIlmeH, Huch 'ar DaneH?}

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