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Lieven levinius at gmx.de
Wed Aug 30 11:39:22 PDT 2017

Am 30.08.2017 um 20:32 schrieb Steven Boozer:
> I’m not quite sure I understand what Lieven’s FaceBook critic meant by 
> “some kind of tool”, but here are a few purpose clauses that probably 
> don’t – depending on how you analyze them - involve “purpose nouns”:

Very often, there are two ways to interpet such constructions, for instance

> *Dochvetlh DIlmeH Huch 'ar DaneH*

I'm sure this is not {DIlmeH Huch} but a separate phrase {Dochvetlh 
DIlmeH} + {Huch 'ar DaneH}

I'll add some comma to these example to show that most are not 

> *cha'puj vIngevmeH, chaw' HInobneS *
> *Heghlu'meH, QaQ jajvam*
> *bIQapqu'meH, tar DaSop 'e' DatIvnIS*
> *HIvmeH Duj So'lu'*
> A ship cloaks in order to attack. TKW

But not "The hiding ship (HIvmeH Duj) is cloaked"

> *vISeHmeH, Hoch nuHmey Qay! *
> *motlh ray' luSamlaHmeH, De' Qatlh cha' tlhIngan Duj jIH'a' *
> *luchovmeH, 'oy'naQmey lo' *
> *labmeH, 'evnagh Se' lo' tlhIngan QumwI' *
> *ngoQvam luchavmeH, ghawran maghpu' be'nI'pu'*.
> *woQ luSuqmeH, jIjpu' chaH romuluSngan'e' je*.
> *tlhutlhmeH, HIq ngeb qaq law' bIQ qaq puS*
> *jonlu'meH, wo'maj pop tIn law' Hoch tIn puS*

> There are others I could post.

After finishing, I noticed that none of these phrases shows {verb-meH 
noun} phrases.

Lieven L. Litaer
aka Quvar valer 'utlh
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