[tlhIngan Hol] How to say "I want to be good at Klingon" ?

Ed Bailey bellerophon.modeler at gmail.com
Sun Aug 27 14:35:42 PDT 2017

Very interesting indeed, Aurélie! "Monger" certainly had not occurred to
me. {joS bopwI'} seems like it would be best translated as "rumor monger."
A {veS bopwI'}, though, seems like someone devoted to soldiering, rather
than a warmonger (probably {noH numwI'} for that, but with no negative
connotation for Klingons), and I'd call a fishmonger a {ghotI' ngevwI'}.
(As an aside, I've heard someone use {bop'egh} in reference to a narcissist
or someone preoccupied with his self-interest.)
Your use of {bop} in the original post definitely made me think of topic,
and of saying {tlhIngan Hol'e' jIpo' vIneH} "As for Klingon, I want to be
I'm not too sure about {-vaD}, as {tlhIngan HolvaD jIpo' vIneH} seems to
imply that the language will benefit from the speaker's eventual expertise.
The way I like best was qunnoq's first suggestion, {tlhIngan Hol po'wI'
vImoj vIneH}.
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