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> {Qach} is mentioned a few times in KGT:

> (KGT 63f.):  The general term for ax is {'obmaQ}. Its handle is its {DeS} and its blade is its {ghIt}. These words, {DeS} and {ghIt}, when referring to humanoid
> anatomy, mean arm and open, flat hand (as opposed to a fist), respectively, suggesting that at one time the ax was considered an extension of the warrior
> himself. A double-headed ax is a {jey'naS}, while an ax with an added spike at the end is a {'alngegh}. To wield or swing a club is {Qach}.
> (KGT 64):  There exists a weapon that might be described as a cross between an ax and a bat'leth. The {'aqleH} has what looks like half a bat'leth at the end
> of a handle. To manipulate the {'aqleH} is {Qach}.
> (KGT 67):  The most ancient and primitive of the Klingon weapons is the {jeqqIj}, the club or bludgeon. This weapon is made of wood, sometimes with inlaid
> rocks, and is heavier at one end than the other. Included in this category is the {ghanjaq}, often translated as "mace", a club with a metal head, sometimes
> sporting spikes ({DuQwI'mey}). As with axes, to wield or swing a club is {Qach}.

Note that all of these weapons are weapons with a long handle where you hold it at one end and strike with the other end.  My guess is that Qach is only applied to betleHmey when you hold one of the end handles and attempt to strike with the opposite point.
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