[tlhIngan Hol] The word {ma'}

Ed Bailey bellerophon.modeler at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 19:40:48 PST 2016

A search through past emails revealed this explanation for the origin of
{ma'}: http://diswww.mit.edu/charon.MIT.EDU/ja'chuq/91469
This tale sounds Okrandian. Perhaps someone can corroborate it.

"Accommodate" covers a lot of ground, but depending on how {ma'} can be
used, perhaps your examples could be rendered something like ?{SuwISya'
DoyIchlan Hol vIyajmeH DaH vIma'lu'. muD lengmey nI'vaD vIma'lu'. QIt
mongDechDaj chu'vaD targh ma'choHlu'lI'.} The word {ma'} might also help me
with two things I've been trying to express in Klingon, "to provide" and
"to fit," e.g., "The chief engineer provided the technicians with
equipment. These boots fit my feet." Before this, I was sort of stuck with
{chamwI'pu'vaD luch nobta' jonpIn} and {rarchu' DaSmeyvam qamDu'wIj je}.

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