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André Müller esperantist at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 16:26:17 PST 2016

I just saw the word {ma'} in my dictionary while looking for a word for 'to
get used to, to be accustomed to' in Klingon. The TKD translation of {ma'}
is simply 'to accomodate', but that word has several meanings, such as "to
be able to contain", "to let someone dwell", "to make something suitable",
"to help someone" and perhaps more. Any clue to which meaning it might
have? I'm not aware of any canon use of the word, but I might have missed
some canon resources (I am sure it is not in the paq'batlh, though).

While I am at it, I am struggling with how to phrase 'to get used to sth.'
or 'to be used to sth.' in Klingon. Not in the sense of "to do something
regularly" (I'm used to do exercises in the morning), but in the sense of
something not being a surprise for someone anymore, not being strange
anymore. E.g. I am used to understand Swiss German by now. I am used to the
long flights. The dog is slowly getting used to its new collar.

Any better way of saying that besides {X-vaD Hujbe'choHpu' Y> or {X-vaD
HujHa' Y}?

- André
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