[tlhIngan Hol] new words qepHom 2016 (miscellaneous)

Lieven levinius at gmx.de
Mon Nov 7 02:07:09 PST 2016

At this year's qepHom, we received lots of new words. Some of them were 
wishes by qepHom attendees and others. Others were used in Andrew 
Miller's Art presentation in a Museum of Pittsburgh, which happened on 
the same weekend. Marc Okrand gave me the list in english alphabetical 
order, so for reading convenience I re-arranged them in a somehow 
logical order.

This is a list of terms I could not add to any of the lists. Some of 
these were certainly also used during the art presentation.

Some words are extended meanings of existing words.

---begin quote---
agreement, contract, commitment  	mab

bathtub, swimming pool  		DoQmIv'a'
     when needed, distinguish by qualifiers:
     Say'moHmeH DoQmIv'a', QalmeH DoQmIv'a'

beacon  				rI'meH wovmoHwI'
brake  					chungHa'wI'	
characteristic, trait  			DI'on
letter, written character  		ngutlh
lightning  				pe'bIl
magic, wizardry  			'IDnar
mathematician  				mI' tej
mattress  				QongDaq 'echlet tun
       (a very non-Klingon concept!)

nerve (anatomy, physiology)  		Hutvav
neural synapse  			Hutvav rarwI'
pin (straight)  			'emvI'
studio, workspace  			jInmol pa'
subconscious mind  			yab qoD
unicycle  				wa' rutlh qam Do Duj

drive (a land vehicle) 			SeD
float (in/on air) 			'al
manufacture, construct, put together 	mutlh
order (in a restaurant, from a catalog, etc.) vun
pin, attach or fasten with a pin 	vev
hectic, very active, lively 		ghan
peaceful, calm 				ghanHa'

wrong, awry 				waS

Note the difference between three words conventionally translated as 
"wrong." {muj} is "be incorrect, factually wrong," {waS} is "be amiss, 
awry" (something has gone wrong, this didn't turn out according to 
plan), and {QIH} is "mistreat."

---end quote---

Additional information while talking to Okrand:
When {DoQmIv'a'} is a big tub, then - of course - a {DoQmIvHom} is a 
small one, so it can be used for the meaning of a "bucket", or anything 

[note: Klingon words were written in bold face. I've added brackets for 
format-free emails]

Lieven L. Litaer
aka Quvar valer 'utlh
Grammarian of the KLI

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