[tlhIngan-Hol] Sentence as subject

Felix Malmenbeck felixm at kth.se
Fri Jun 3 08:35:50 PDT 2016

An example of a sentence as a sentence as an object (allowed) would be:

«QaQ 'e' vISov.»
("I know that it's good.")

An example where people might want to use a sentence as a subject (forbidden) is when translating "It's good that I know."; people might be tempted to write *jISov QaQ 'e'* or *QaQ 'e' jISov*.

Instead, we have to do recasts such as «jISov; QaQ.» or «jISovchugh QaQ ghu'.»
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Subject: [tlhIngan-Hol] Sentence as subject

I remember reading somewhere (I think in the wiki), that sentence as
subject is not allowed.

However, I can't understand how someone can use a sentence as subject
in the first place.

Can someone write an example of a sentence as subject, so that I will
understand, what someone is supposed to avoid ?


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