[tlhIngan Hol] When we return from the battlefield, who will we be then ?

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Wed Jun 29 09:11:27 PDT 2016

mayqel qunnoq:
> I would like to ask though, something that I noticed.
> > HoSHal ghajchugh vay', mI' naghmey tIronmoH.  wa'maHlogh  boq'egh mI'
> > naghmey;  chen qav'ap.  ghajwI'vaD qav'ap yIDIl.
> > If [energy source is] owned, throw dice and pay owner a total  ten
> > times amount shown. MKE
> the {wa'maHlogh boq'egh mI' naghmey}, means "roll the dice once"?

{wa'maHlogh" = "ten times"

wa'maHlogh  boq'egh mI' naghmey;  chen qav'ap
"the dice {mI' naghmey} ally with themselves ten times; the amount forms"

> > pIraqSIS HoS waw' ghajlu'chugh, loSlogh boq'egh mI' naghmey 
> >   mI';  chen qav'ap 
> > If Praxis Energy Facility is owned, rent is 4 times
> >   amount shown on dice. MKE
> what does the {loSlogh boq'egh mI' naghmey mI'} actually mean ? "roll the
> dice four times" ? 

loSlogh boq'egh mI' naghmey mI';  chen qav'ap
"the dice's {mI' naghmey} number {mI'} allies with itself four times; the amount forms" 

> and why do we have the second {mI'} (after the {naghmey}) ?

{mI' naghmey mI'} "the dice's number, the number on the dice"
> > Duj ghajchugh vay', cha'logh boq'egh qav'ap motlh; chen qav'ap le'.
> > ghajwI'vaD qav'ap le' yIDIl.
> > If [ship is] owned, pay owner twice the rental to which they are
> > otherwise entitled. MKE
> {cha'logh boq'egh qav'ap motlh} means "the usual price is doubled" ?

cha'logh boq'egh qav'ap motlh;  chen qav'ap le'
"the usual amount allies with itself two times; the special amount forms"

> I read [] the given English translation, but I just want to be sure that
> I understand this correctly.

{boq'egh} "ally with oneself" is used in Klingon math for multiplication:  

2 × 3 = 6 
cha'logh boq'egh wej; chen jav 
"twice, three allies with itself, six forms" (HQ 9.3)

3 × 2
wejlogh boq'egh cha'
"three times, two allies with itself" (HQ 9.3)

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