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> Klingon Word of the Day for Saturday, June 18, 2016
> Klingon word: quvmoH
> Part of speech: verb
> Definition: honor

qep'a' wejDIchDaq jatlhtaH tlhIngan Hol HaDwI'pu'. 
  ghoHtaH je. tIv'eghtaH je. vaj SuquvmoH. 
(untranslated, MO to SuStel [st.k 11/1996])

SoSwI' vavwI' je quvmoHjaj paqvam 
[Okrand's dedication to KGT] 

Hochlogh no' yIquvmoH 
All times honor your ancestors (sic) KGT

reH no' yIquvmoH 
Always honor your ancestors. KGT

tlhIngan Hol Danummo' pIquvmoH 
Because you promote the Klingon language, we honor you. FMC

tlhIngan Hol DaHaD - vaj choquvmoH. Qapla'! 
[Marc Okrand's inscription in DloraH's TKD]

puqloDwI' le'qu', Hoch jaj choquvmoH 
My dearest son, each day you redeem me. (Frasier)

qeylIS wIquvmoHtaHvIS chetlhej wIneH. 
We hope you can join us while we honor Kahless. ('U'-MTK)

qIb boche'meH qeylIS HoS bolo' 'ej SuvwI' vaSDaq boquvmoHlu'. 
Control the Galaxy with the might of Kahless and be immortalized
 in the Hall of Warriors. MKE

tlhIHvaD paq chu' wImuch 'e' bochaw'mo' chequvmoH 'ej chebelmoH.
 lut'a'raj Dun laDlaHmeH tera'ngan, tera'Daq tlhIngan lut'a'
 paq wa'DIch wIchenmoHta', lut'a' 'oH paq'batlh'e'. 
It is a great honor and pleasure that you have allowed us to
 present you with the first Terran edition of your glorious epic,
 the paq'batlh.
 (Vincent Van Gerven Oei's speech at qepHom wa'maHDIch)

ghaH rI' 'ej quvmoH qanra' qamchIy qup'a' 
He is welcomed by Kahnrah, Patriarch of Qam-Chee. PB

tlheDDI' quvmoHmeH veng HeHDaq lutlha' SaD law' nuvpu' 
Thousands followed him to the edge of the city, to bid him farewell. PB

(st.k 11/1997):  Maltz reports having heard both {quv'eghmoH} "he/she honors him/herself", which follows the expected order (verb-Type 1-Type 4) ... as well as the weird {quvmoH'egh} "he/she honors him/herself", in which the Type 1 suffix {-'egh} "oneself" follows the Type 4 suffix {-moH} "cause", an impossible formation unless the speaker is considering the verb to be {quvmoH} "honor" and not {quv} "be honored". Speakers who do this seem to be aware that they are breaking the rules, so they are doing it for rhetorical effect. (It has the same sort of feeling, perhaps, as if someone were to say in English "Don't cellular phone me this afternoon" or "I've been postnasal dripping all morning" or "It's lightninging and thundering outside" or, to follow the Klingon example, "He/she self-honors.") If this sort of thing happens a lot, maybe, in time, the language will undergo some sort of reformation; maybe {-moH} will become a Rover. Or {quvmoH} and similar forms will become simple (though two-syllable) verbs. 

tuHmoH 	shame  (v)
Ho' 		admire (v)
naD 		command, praise (v)
vuv 		respect (v)
yI' 		speak in an honorable or respectful fashion (v)

tlhIngan ghantoH pIn'a'
Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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