[tlhIngan Hol] vatlh DIS poH question

Lieven levinius at gmx.de
Thu Jun 9 01:33:19 PDT 2016

jaj 09.06.2016 ghItlh mayqel qunenoS:
> We say {vatlh DIS poH} for "century". However {vatlh} is a number
> forming element, right ?
> Why ? Whyyyy ? Whyyyyyy ?

Short answer first:

In the game:
Because that's just how it is.

In real life:
I guess it's a simple mistake, but...

This is not explained more detailed in HolQeD 8.3, where the word for 
millenium is following the same pattern, {SaD DIS poH}. The hint of 
saying {cha' vatlh DIS poH} "two centuries" makes me think about the 
question whether this should be translated per definition as cha' [vatlh 
DIS poH] or more literally {cha'-vatlh [DIS poH]} "200 years period."

Note that Okrand frequently says that since Klingon is a spoken language 
(not written), the space between cha' and vatlh is not so important to 
focus on. So if you consider {-vatlh} as a suffix, or as a standalone 
numberforming word/syllable, one may see it as the word "hundred" which 
is also in english not allowed standing alone.

Lieven L. Litaer
aka Quvar valer 'utlh
Grammarian of the KLI

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