[tlhIngan-Hol] A question on {ngIq}

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Mon Jun 6 06:51:10 PDT 2016

To get the discussion started, here are the examples I know of:

ngIq nuv luHoH 
they killed the warriors one by one. ('U'-OPERA)

ngIq tonSaw' lo' 'ej tIqDu' lel 
  ngIq tonSaw' lo' 'ej quvqa' 
  ngIq tonSaw' lo' 'ej rIn may' 
In one single move, he removed the hearts, 
  In one single move, he restored his honor, 
  In one single move, the battle was done. PB

ngIq tonSaw' lo' SaD law' San chenmoH qeylIS wej
 boghbogh nuvpu' San chenmoH 
In one single move, Kahless decided the fate of
 thousands, and those to come.  PB

nIteb chegh molor ngIq ghoqwI' 
One by one Molor's scouts return PB

ngIq raQ - 150 QaS 
outposts cost 150 [forces] each MKE (= Monopoly)

ngIq raQ - 200 QaS, mon - 200 QaS loS raQmey je 
Outposts cost 200 [forces] each; capitals, 200 [forces] 
 each plus 4 outposts. MKE

ngIq raQvaD cha'maH vagh QaS yInob 
For each outpost pay 25 forces. MKE

ngIq gholvaD vaghmaH QaS yInob 
Pay each player 50 forces. MKE

ngIq gholvo' wa'maH QaS yItlhap 
Collect 10 forces from every player. MKE

tlhIngan ghantoH pIn'a'
Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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> Recently I run into the spatial anomaly of {ngIq} ; so, I am sending this
> distress call, in order to overcome this difficulty. Any help from
> warbirds nearby, will be greatly appreciated.
> First of all let me write the definition :
> {ngIq} a single one, each one
> According to qep'a' 2011 : This noun indicates that (1) a single thing is
> being considered apart from others, or (2) that a sequence of identical
> things is considered one after another.
> My question is this :
> How do we actually use the {ngIq}, in order to achieve the (1), or (2)
> meaning ?
> For example in {Hoch}, we have various possibilities, depending on whether
> the noun which follows is singular or plural. But what's the case with
> {ngIq} ?
> If I write :
> ngIq mu'tlhegh vIghItlhta'.
> this means "I wrote a single sentence" right ?
> but if I wanted to write :
> "We destroyed his birds of prey one by one", then what would I do ?
> perhaps :
> ngIq toQDujmeyDaj DIQaw'ta' ?
> or
> ngIq toQDujmeyDaj wIQaw'ta' ?
> or maybe something else ?
> Can someone shed some light on this ?
> thanks
> qunnoq HoD
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