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Mon Jul 11 11:32:46 PDT 2016

On 7/11/2016 1:50 PM, Steven Boozer wrote:
> Another example where the subject is elided is:
> *romuluSngan Sambogh 'ej HoHbogh nejwI'*
>   a Romulan hunter-killer probe (KCD)
> It’s a small assassination device that has two functions closely 
> connected – {Sam} (“locate” or “seek and find”) and {HoH} (“kill”); so 
> closely that “hunter” and “killer” are hyphenated in English to show 
> they refer to the same thing. Repeating the subject might imply two 
> separate devices:
> **romuluSngan Sambogh nejwI’ 'ej HoHbogh nejwI'*
>        a Romulan hunter probe and (a) killer probe

I don't think it can imply two devices. That would require a noun 
conjunction. What we have here is a compound sentence as a relative clause.

The following would all be correct:

    *romuluSngan Sambogh nejwI' 'ej HoHbogh nejwI'
    romuluSngan Sambogh nejwI' 'ej HoHbogh
    rumuluSngan Sambogh 'ej HoHbogh nejwI'

The explained grammar has the second of repeated nouns elided (as per 
TKD 6.2.1), but common usage also shows the first of repeated nouns 
being elided to form a sort of "compound verb" (the third example).

Even more interesting would be phrases like

    *yIH muSbogh tlhIngan 'ej yIH HoHbogh tlhIngan
    yIH muSbogh tlhIngan 'ej HoHbogh
    yIH muSbogh 'ej HoHbogh tlhIngan
    yIH muSbogh tlhIngan 'ej yIH HoHbogh
    yIH muSbogh tlhIngan 'ej HoHbogh tlhIngan
    *...and so on.


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