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SuStel and I are actually saying the same thing, only he explained it better.

Another example where the subject is elided is:

  romuluSngan Sambogh 'ej HoHbogh nejwI'
  a Romulan hunter-killer probe (KCD)

It's a small assassination device that has two functions closely connected - {Sam} ("locate" or "seek and find") and {HoH} ("kill"); so closely that "hunter" and "killer" are hyphenated in English to show they refer to the same thing.  Repeating the subject might imply two separate devices:

  *romuluSngan Sambogh nejwI' 'ej HoHbogh nejwI'
       a Romulan hunter probe and (a) killer probe

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On 7/11/2016 12:18 PM, Steven Boozer wrote:

qunnoq :
Other than that, the first sentence goes :

{nughraj Dun lurDechmeyraj Dun je DIvuvta' 'e' lutul

 HaDwI'pu' 'ej vItul jIH}

But shouldn't there be an {'e'} before the {vItul jIH}?

I mean, shouldn't we have the following sentence instead?

I think that the second {'e'} before {vItul jIH} has been elided because 1) the two clauses are so short closely related (they have the same verb, if different subjects); and 2) a second {'e'} might make the listener think the sentence-as-object (SAO) referred to was {lutul HaDwI'pu'} and not {DIvuvta'}.

  ... DIvuvta' 'e' lutul HaDwI'pu' ('ej vItul jIH)

  The editors hope (and I hope) that we-have-respected-them

I think it's DIvuvta' ('e' lutul HaDwI'pu' 'ej vItul jIH). The "second sentence" of the sentence-as-object happens to be a compound sentence, but it's still a sentence. The object of the vItul jIH part is still 'e', but it has been elided because it is was already used in the first sentence of the conjunction, exactly the same way that yaS vIlegh 'ej vIqIp elides an object noun in section 6.2.1 of TKD.

Always, always, always remember that all sentence-as-object constructions are simply two sentences pushed together; 'e' and net are not conjunctions or linking words.



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