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Three straight out errors and some omissions noted on a quick skim.   DON’T send other people your personal lists unless you are going to be very careful. DON’T accept other people’s personal lists unless you don’t care about the accuracy of your Klingon words.


- Qov


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I've been trying to convert this into a text format for inclusion into my personal dictionary.

Figured I'd both share so that others don't have to repeat the effort, and have my results checked for errors and omissions.


batgham n. liquid (state of matter)

bo'voD n. drawer

cheS n. an animal with long ears, similar to an Earth rabbit (Dr. Okrand noted that what prompted Maltz to come up with this word in this context was not clear)

DeSwar n. closet, cupboard, cabinet, fixed storage device

DIgh v. undertake, deal with

DoQmIv n. sink for cleaning hands, face, food, etc

DoQmIv'a' n. bathtub

ghIm v. exile

ghub n. bud (the flower, fruit, or shoot before it develops)

HanDI' n. cell

Har'ey n. rainbow

javtIm n. virus

jI'ev n. handle, knob, doorknob

lay n. air (he said that this is some sort of technical term. It would be odd to say {lay vItlhuH} for "I breath air," but it would be understood.)

lep n. solid (state of matter)

lerup n. bacterium, bacteria

lI'choD n. plasmas (state of matter)

magh n. Klingon plant that most closely resembles grass

maggh yotlh n. lawn

neb n. nozzle (like on the end of a hose)

nebDu' n. beaks (anatomy)

nebmey n. nozzles (on rockets, hoses, etc)

noq n. nipple

noqDu' n. nipples (anatomy)

noqmey n. nipples (on bottles, etc)

nung v. precede

ngIng v have a negative charge (compare Huj 'charge up' e.g. a battery

pay'an n. particle

por. n. leaf

pul v. be ground up

pa'logh n. the past (as a whole) [compare {'op ret} "at some point in the past"

qeQ n. fecal matter

qImroq n. general word for season [Maltz didn't think there was time to discuss specific seasons on Klingon planets, but he did say that {qImroq tuj} seemed to be like "summer" on Earth.

qorghwI' n. pacifier (Maltz said this is not a Klingon thing, but he's seen human babies use these)

quSlab n. couch, bench, chair for multiple people

QaD v be dried up

Qechjem n. stem, stalk

Qenmo' n. pulp (of a plant)

Suntay' n. pollen

raS'IS n. seed

rewve' n. air (everyday word)

rID v. digest (the process that food goes through)

roSghaH n. DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid)

ruS v have a posative chargge

Sut DeSwar n. wardrobe, clothing closet

taQbang sl. n. urine, fecal matter

turmIq n. urine

tem n. electronv

tuch n. the future (as a whole) [compare {'op pIq} "at some point in the future"

tlhoD v. be somewhat obscured, filtered, smudged, fuzzy

vaj v. expel, eject

valtIn n. proton

vIb v. move through time toward the future [also means "propogate" (not in refereance to plants)]

vIbHa' v. move through time toward the past

vorgh v. be previous (opposite of {veb} “be next”

vur v. be modern, up-to-date, state-of-the-art

yomIj n. neutron

yorgh n. shelf, bookshelf, fixed or non-fixed (general term)

'InSong n. flower (bright part of plant)

'oynot n. unspecified flesh (of an animal)

'uma' n. petal

'ut'at n. chest of drawers (whether there are drawers actually in it at the moment or not)


qep'a' cha'maH wejDIch (2016)


On Thu, Jul 21, 2016 at 6:04 PM, qurgh lungqIj <qurgh at wizage.net <mailto:qurgh at wizage.net> > wrote:

Greetings all,


This afternoon we revealed a number of new words from Dr. Okrand and Maltz. 


We distributed these words to the qep'a' attendees in a booklet, and in order to preserve the look of that book I've posted all the pages as images online, on the KLI website:




Go and look at the words! yItIv! 


If you have any questions about the words, send them to me and I will see if I can get answers from Marc.




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