[tlhIngan Hol] As soon as I had tickled the dog

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Mon Aug 22 12:14:03 PDT 2016

On 8/22/2016 2:53 PM, Lieven wrote:
> For instance to say something like "I hope that I will have killed the 
> man by tomorrow evening" you can use the aspect suffix.
> {qaSpa' wa'leS ram loD vIHoHta' 'e' vItul}
> NOW I hope (a non-contunious and not ended situation) that at the 
> moment called "tommorow evening" (an event in the future) the action 
> of killing is over (hence the -ta') suffix.
> Is that understandable? (@mayqel)
> Is that correct? (@SuStel)

Let's drop the *'e' vItul* so that we don't get into questions of 
whether I hope by tomorrow evening or I will have killed the man by 
tomorrow evening. Besides, the second verb in an SAO is prohibited from 
taking aspect suffixes.

    *qaS'pa' wa'leS ram loD vIHoHta'
    */before tomorrow night occurs I will have killed the man/

This looks right to me. If the *-ta'* had been left off I'd read it more 
as a general declaration of activity: I'll be killing men up to tomorrow 
night. And the *qaSpa'* doesn't need a completion aspect because we're 
not talking about the completion of night occurring.

By the way, your original with *'e' vItul* doesn't necessarily mean that 
the hoping happens now (assuming you mean the tomorrow night part to 
apply to the killing). Maybe I hoped two weeks ago that I'd have killed 
the man by tomorrow night.


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