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Fri Aug 5 07:01:44 PDT 2016

On the other hand, I just noticed that Voragh notes {rugh bIQSIp} "antihydrogen".

Now I'm less certain. But in {rugh bIQSIp}, {bIQSIp} by virtue of its position is clearly qualifying the type of {rugh} - that is, "hydrogen of antimatter": of all the different elements that form {rugh}, the one being talked about is {bIQSIp}. I'm not so sure that I'm happy with considering {voQSIp} to qualify a state or type of {betgham}, rather than that {betgham} is the qualifier or descriptor of the {voQSIp} and so should come second. But cha' DarSeqmeywIj 'oH neH.


QeS 'utlh
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