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Klingon Word of the Day for Saturday, March 25, 2023

Klingon word: jIb
Part of speech: noun
Definition: hair (on head)
Source: TKD

DaH jIbwIj vISay'nISmoH 
I must wash my hair now. (PK)

jIbDaj lumeQmoH qul bIQtIq qulHommey 
Sparks from the fire river caught his hair (PB)

'ej bejtaHvIS baS moj jIb 
his hair … turned to steel before his eyes (PB)

(qurgh, 7/28/2017 < qep’a’ 2017):  I asked [Okrand] about {jIb}, {pob}, {loch} and {rol} after there was a conversation about it in the Learn Klingon Facebook group. {jIb} is only hair on the top of your head, {loch} is the hair on your upper lip, {rol} is the hair on your face that covers you chin/neck area, and {pob} is hair from the neck down. Arm hair is {DeS pob}. The words cover both the hair and the entire construction, so {rol} refers to a beard as well as the hair that makes up the beard. However, ear hair or nose hair is talked about using {pob}, and {pob} *can* be used to talk about face hair or head hair but it would be considered very strange to do so.

(Lieven, 11/11/2021 re notes in Alice):   The main reason for this entry was to say that animals do not have {jIb}, they have {pob}. In English, hair can refer to both hair in an animal's fur and also to what people have on their head. In Klingon, it is clearly defined as hair on body. So actually, this is not really new information, just a clarification, but it lead to the new word for whiskers, which at least in German is also considered hair, but in Klingon it's {pu'veng} [(cat’s) whiskers]. 

[Klingon Alice, p.205]:  And for grow as in grow a mustache, make use of {nargh}, as in {nargh lochwIj} "I'm growing a mustache". (To indicate that you're doing it on purpose, you could say {nargh lochwIj 'e' vIchaw'} "I'm letting my mustache grow" or something similar.)

  Mr. Setti (Mott's fellow Bolian barber on the Enterprise-D) noted admiringly that Klingon hair is quite thick and luxuriant, although he suggested Worf start using a conditioning agent as his hair had become dry.  [TNG "Schisms"]

(KGT 58-9):  According to Klingon tradition, the first bat'leth was forged by Kahless the Unforgettable, the founder of the Klingon Empire, from a lock of his hair dipped in molten lava.

PUN:  "I like the cut of your jib" (i.e. haircut?)

jIb Ho'Du'  	comb (n) 
jIb yachwI'  	hairbrush (n)

quHvaj 		dandruff (n)
gholeq 		flake (n)
DaQ 		ponytail (n)
qur'ep 		wig (n)

Huy' 		eyebrow (n)
veD 		fur (n)
pu’veng 	[cat’s] whiskers (n)

chIp 		cut, trim [hair] (v)

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